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UK – Men have a more positive outlook on workplace automation than women do

More than a third, or 39%, of male workers feel AI and automation will make them better at tackling day-to-day tasks, in contrast to less than a quarter of female workers (24%), according to a report from by TalkTalk Business with research conducted by YouGov.

The report, Workforces 2025, also shows that 28% of male workers in comparison to 19% of female workers think automation will help improve their attention to detail and reduce errors. Meanwhile 33% of men think the introduction of these technologies will impact on their jobs positively, as opposed to 25% of women.

Across the workforce, 29% of those surveyed see AI as having both a positive and negative impact, while 15% think AI, automation and other technology developments have the potential to replace their job completely. Furthermore, 38% of workers think their current job will still exist 15 years from now, without any support from AI, automation or any other technology developments. Whereas 12% believe their jobs will be replaced entirely by AI.