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China – Women in the workplace less keen to have children

Working women in China are increasingly reluctant to have children according to survey data from Chinese career platform Zhaopin.

The data found that women in the workplace were less keen to have children because of work pressure and rising expenses. More than 40,200 people participated in this survey this year.

For working women with no children, 40.1% were reluctant to have children, almost double the 20.48% figure for last year. For women who already have one child, 62.7% didn't want to have a second child.

The top reasons for reluctance to have children were "not enough time and energy" (41.9%), "too expensive to raise children" (36.9%), and "concerns over career development" (35.2%).

Meanwhile, 63.4% of women in the workplace believed that childbearing would have a large impact on their career development, compared with only 48.6% of men who believed so. The data showed that 32.5% of women saw that their salaries decline after childbearing in 2017, compared with 24.2% for 2016. Meanwhile, 36.1% of women found that their positions were lowered after childbearing in 2017, up from 26.6% in 2016.

For women in the workplace, their biggest concerns about childbearing were difficulty in returning to work after childbearing (52.5%), and being replaced by others (48.9%).

The majority of working mothers, or 67.9%, would not consider becoming stay-at-home moms. The reasons cited included psychological imbalance by isolation from society (79.0%), pressure from life (65.4%), and negative impact on relationships (58.6%).

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