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China – Most white-collar workers plan to switch jobs in 2017

Nearly 80% of white-collar workers were taking action to seek new jobs in the spring of 2017, according to a report from Zhaopin Limited, a Chinese career platform.

The report shows that, of the nearly 80% of white-collar workers who are planning to change jobs, 11.7% were in the process of quitting, and 65.3% were looking for new opportunities with updated resumes. The other 18.6% of white collar workers indicated intentions to switch jobs. Meanwhile, 4.4% indicated that they would not consider job-hopping.

The most important reason for job-hopping was salary, according to the survey, with 49% of white-collar workers considering changing jobs because of unsatisfactory pay. Also, 42.6% wanted to quit their jobs due to the uncertain prospects of their companies. Promotion limits and welfare packages were also key concerns for white collars to jump boats.

Spring is traditionally the most active season for job-hopping in China after the Chinese New Year holiday. The confidence of white-collar workers rebounded to 3.95 in the spring of 2017, setting a new high since 2014. The confidence index is measured from 1 to 5, with 5 as the highest.

This spring, 69.7% of white collar workers were confident or very confident in their career options, while only 8.6% had low or no confidence.

Employees in joint ventures had the highest confidence, with an index of 4.04 in the survey, followed by 3.96 for private companies and wholly foreign-owned enterprises (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan). Workers in public institutions showed the lowest confidence at 3.75.

In terms of sectors, the real estate/construction sector had the highest percentage of job hoppers with 78.6% of employees taking actions to switch jobs. After a booming year for the real estate market, the sector is facing many uncertainties in 2017.

Compared with the fall of 2016, the confidence of white-collar workers in all sectors improved significantly in the spring of 2017. Employees in IT/telecom/electronics/internet sector and trade/wholesale/retail/leasing/fast-moving consumer goods/durable consumer goods sector were the most confident, with an index of 3.98.

Among the cities, Yantai (84.1%), Kunming (82.0%) and Shenyang (81.3%) were the top cities with the highest percentage of job-hoppers.