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China –flexible working most important

Flexibility is a top consideration for 76% of candidates in mainland China when it comes to weighing potential offers from new employers, according to survey data from international recruitment firm Hays.

The poll from Hays also shows that 16% of candidates in mainland China were unsure about how they would rate flexibility as a job-hunting consideration.

“Candidates are expecting greater flexibility around their hours of work which in turn, has increased their work-life balance expectations,” Simon Lance, Managing Director of Hays in mainland China, said. “The introduction of flexible working practices has become more popular as it not only allows an organisation to retain critical skills, but it can also widen the pool of potential talent to include candidates that need such flexibility to remain in the workforce.”

“The promotion of a modern work environment with new technology and constant challenges is becoming more important in attracting candidates with a greater need for flexibility,” Lance said.