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China - demand for workers with digital technology skills

With the advent of new technologies and the evolution of work due to AI, opportunities for workers with digital technology skills as well as other sectors, in China, could rise according to international recruitment firm Hays China.

“With each new industrial revolution we have seen a shift in the types of jobs within the affected sectors,” Simon Lance, Managing Director of Hays in China, said. “While we can expect some roles to become extinct, demand will be created for newer roles essential to the running of the new technology. Those with digital technology skills will be in high demand and could reap the rewards.”

“Businesses will need developers who are not only capable of the technical aspects of the job, but developers who are able to spot the wider business opportunities too,” Lance said. So the candidates in greatest demand will be those able to tailor AI applications to enhance companies and optimise business processes.”

Lance also stated that there will continue to be high demand for digital project team members such as product owners/managers.

“The tech industry is already realising the benefits of AI and automation, especially those operating within areas such as IoT (Internet of Things), big data or FinTech (Financial Technology). This again is resulting in increased demand for those candidates with experience of these technologies,” Lance said.

Furthermore, Lance stated that companies looking to improve efficiency through AI or machine learning will need the tech industry to deliver the right solutions quickly and efficiently. He also states that the advancement of technology will lead to the creation of new roles as well as an increased need for cybersecurity.

“It’s important that businesses keep up with the demand that the fourth industrial revolution will bring and that it doesn’t leave any negative impact on the current workforce,” Lance said. “This means upskilling current employees and looking at potential regulations to safeguard workers.”